Thursday, November 10, 2005

Kitty Food Woes

Savannah is back with us after less than a day at the hospital. Heather's been working from home the last few days in order to spend time with her (and the birds) and make sure she was getting fed. She kept calling and asking, "Can we keep her one more day?" "Sure!"

Yesterday, though, Savannah pulled out her food tube. She was on the bed with Heather, one minute it was in, the next it was lying next to her. So Heather took her in.

Dr. Bob took a look at her and decided he'd put the tube back in on Friday if she hadn't eaten anything on her own before then. So we're trying to get her to eat something, mostly stuff we've blended up for her. The smell of it is driving her crazy and she wants to do it, she just hasn't figured out how yet. She's not a fan of us sticking it in her mouth for her, either. ;)
Biggest news was that her back jaw may be an ongoing problem for her. There's nothing they could do back there as far as reconstruction; apparently the part of the jaw that curves up to meet the rest of the skull is too thin and fragile to anchor in any way - bolting something to it would be like driving a nail through glass. So they may have to keep fiddling with that, and hoping that it heals correctly. Poor cat's going to need a lot of care.

Other news: Her left eye is still dilated. Dr. Bob thinks that could lead to problems down the road, either glaucoma or some kind of shrinkage of the eye. She definitely can't see out of it, either. Poor cat. We think she's got some hearing loss, too.

She's adorable, though. No question that she was someone's cat at some point, even if she was living as a stray for a while. She loves to be wherever we are and will follow us around the room (when she's not exploring). Still haven't introduced her to the birds, though.


Anonymous Leigh-Ann said...

Our four cats and six parrots get along fine, if that's at all encouraging. Two of our cats spent time "living off the land", yet they ignore the birds completely. To them, the best thing about the bird room is that there's a nice sunbeam on the floor in the afternoon.

Have you tried offering the cat some baby food (like strained chicken, or whatever that stuff is called)? It would have a nice thin consistency and might be a good starter food.

One last thing regarding the eye -- our Shih-tzu suffered severe eye trauma about 5 years ago and we were told she'd never see out of the eye, and that it would eventually shrivel up and need to be removed. While she is basically blind in that eye, the opthalmologist thinks she can distinguish light and dark, and the eye is perfectly healthy otherwise. I hope your cat is as lucky in the eye department :)

November 12, 2005 1:31 AM

Blogger Ormondroyd's Encyclopedia Esoterica said...

Our cats, guinea-pig and house rabbit all get along fine, although the rabbit, a California, tends to bully the cats and dance around their perch after she trees them. FYI, I've posted an appeal for Savannah to my blog at

November 12, 2005 11:13 AM


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