Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Step Back

And we were doing so well...

Savannah had surgery on Friday to put her feeding tube back in. On Wednesday and Thursday she'd been animated, alert and awake (yay alliteration!) and now she's back to sleeping all of the time and looking out of it. On Saturday her neck started to swell up and at some point her tongue did the same thing. So we're back to where she was when I first met her - groggy, disoriented, not moving much. She seems to recover pretty fast, though, so hopefully the swelling will go down soon.

Not sure if the tube is in differently this time or if we're doing something differently or what, but she seems to be getting a lot more air in her stomach now when we feed her. She's always burping after we feed her now.

*sigh* Poor cat.

UPDATE: Appears the swelling is normal. No word about the burping, though. ;) She was much more active last night, so the lethargy was probably just a reaction to the surgery.


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