Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Now Reading (October '07)

  • Read my way through the four books in Julian May's Saga of Pliocene Exile (as well as the vinculum book, Intervention), and now working on her Galactic Milieu series (I'm on Jack the Bodiless now). Good stuff.
  • Terry Pratchett has a new book out! Oooh, and it starts Moist Von Lipvig, from Going Postal - pity it wasn't as good as that one (although I'm biased, as Going Postal was one of my favorites of his recent releases). Still worth reading.
  • Read the new Death Star novel - meh. I expected more, somehow.
  • Found volumes 1-4 of Promethea at the library - now I just need the last one! Great story, although the lengthy quest in the middle feels more like a digression by the author than anything else.
  • Waiting to re-read 30 Days of Night and read the sequels (as soon as the books show up at the library). We saw the movie last weekend - I don't see many horror films these days, and this one was pretty good.
Looking forward to seeing I Am Legend in December - I may need to re-read the book beforehand.



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