Monday, December 03, 2007

Now Reading (Dec '07)

Whew. Went crazy on checking books out with the inter-library loan feature - I had 60 books on request at one point in the last month, mostly graphic novels.
  • Night Watch, by Sergei Lukyanenko - reading this one now. It's a Russian fantasy/horror book (one in a four book series) that was made into a successful movie. Apparently the movie was the first big-budget fantasy film in Russia. Book is pretty good so far.
  • Read the 30 Days of Night series as outlined in my last "Now Reading" post. Decent stuff, I hope the later ones get made. Also finished Promethea.
  • New Star Wars: Republic Commando book is out - True Colors. Enjoyed it, goes a lot more in-depth on the Clone Wars than other books (or the films) did.
  • Annihilation from Marvel - the first two trades. I dig me some cosmic-level sci-fi comics stories. The first trade (with the prologue, Nova mini-series and Drax mini-series) was really enjoyable, the second (with the Surfer, Super-Skrull and Ronan mini-series) was more uneven. Looking forward to the third.
  • Mystery in Space - did I mention love me some cosmic sci-fi comic stories? This was pretty good as well. Looking forward to the conclusion of this one.
  • Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes: Dominator War - nice wrap-up of the Mark Waid/Barry Kitson collaboration. I doubt I'll keep buying these now that those two are gone, but it was still decent.
  • Iron Man: Hypervelocity - really wanted to like this one more, and there were some really neat uses of the Iron Man armor in it, but overall I was disappointed.
  • Planet Hulk - enjoyed this one a lot. I hope the follow-up (World War Hulk) is as good.
  • Got the second Checkmate trade collection (Pawn Breaks), but I'm still waiting on the first one. Still, really enjoyed it - read a lot like Queen & Country but with superheroes.
  • In Brief: Let's see, also read: Infinite Crisis (not bad but overhyped), the Infinite Crisis Companion (meh), Teen Titans: Titans Around the World (okay), House of M (better than I expected), Civil War (meh), a bunch of JSA books (Savage Times, Black Reign, Black Vengeance, Lost, Mixed Signals), a bunch of JLA books (New Maps of Hell, Trial by Fire, Golden Perfect, Pain of the Gods), Wonder Woman: Hiketeia, Batman: Death and the Maidens, Trinity, a bunch of Spider-man (The Other, Venomous and The Last Stand), Wolverine: Enemy of the State (all of Millar's start to read the same after a while), Astonishing X-men: Torn (decent but doesn't actually end), and some X-men (First Foursaken, End of Greys and Essential v. 2). Did I miss any? Oh yeah, still have DC: The New Frontier (both volumes), a bunch of Flash trades (Rogues, Crossfire, Ignition and Rogue War) and a bunch of Wonder Woman trades (Land of the Dead, Mission's End, Bitter Rivals and Down to Earth) to get through.
  • And then there's the stuff that's still coming. ;)
I've had a lot to read, it feels like.

UPDATE: Forgot one - Stephen King's Gunslinger Born - nice little re-telling of the events of Wizard and Glass. I hope the sequels travel some new territory, though.


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