Monday, May 24, 2004

More Lines

Did I mention Wizard World's great system?

You order tickets in advance to avoid the lines. They make advance ticketholders stand in a line to get their passes/badges - despite having sent a ticket to get in, the ticket has to be redeemed for a badge.

Then once you have a badge, you get to stand in another line until the doors open. What's the savings in getting a ticket in advance, again?


I love conventions.

I hate lines.

Went to Wizard World Philly on Saturday to hang out and get some sketches, if the opportunity presented itself. I'd gone last year and had a fairly good time, but promised myself one thing: If I went this year, I was not waiting in any lines. The Marvel booth? Hell no - if I want an amusement park line, I'll go to an amusement park.

So I went this year. Told everyone I wasn't waiting in any lines. Not 10 minutes after I get there, where am I? And for the next THREE-AND-A-HALF HOURS?

Man, I hate lines.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Well said...

So apparently what I really want to do with this blog is post cool things I've found from elsewhere.

Steven Grant had the following to say (in an excellent column on how to break into comics):

"There's an old wives' tale that people get what they deserve. That's a bit karmic for my tastes – karma's a myth only very young children could take seriously – but, on careful observation over the last 30 years or so, it's my belief that, above a certain socio-economic level in our culture, most people get what they really want, whether they acknowledge it or not.

For instance, a guy who wants to go to college at UCLA but whose parents want him to go to college locally. If he stays and goes to college locally, what he really wants is to keep his parents happy. If you want to leave your significant other but stay with them because you don't want to be alone, what you really want is to not be alone. If you hate your job but you don't want to lose your pension or threaten your income by shifting to something you'd rather do, what you really want is your pension or your income. If you're bored by crappy, outdated concepts in comics and want exciting, original material, but you keep spending your comics budget on crappy comics with outdated concepts, what you really want is crappy comics with outdated concepts.

It's not a difficult equation."

'Nuff said (for now).


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