Friday, January 27, 2006

My New Favorite Web Site

For today, at least:

Overheard In The Office

This one is my favorite so far.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

Been waiting for one to post this. From the Wikipedia article:

Over any given 400-year cycle the 13th day of the month occurs 4800 times. The distribution of 13th day of the month is as follows:
  • Monday ( 685 or 14.27% ),

  • Tuesday ( 685 or 14.27% ),

  • Wednesday ( 687 or 14.31% ),

  • Thursday ( 684 or 14.25% ),

  • Friday ( 688 or 14.34% ),

  • Saturday ( 684 or 14.25% ),

  • Sunday ( 687 or 14.31% ).

This means the 13th day of the month is slightly more likely to occur on a Friday.

Maybe TOO Comfortable

Heather writes me from home with the following story:

oh geez, Savannah in my lap, Glory on my shoulder. Savannah just yawned so her head came up a bit and Glory tried to lean over to get her ear! May have been just to taste, but hard to tell! I don't think S even noticed.

And then, about ten minutes later:

so Glory walked down my arm while S was sleeping, reached out and did nibble her ear. Savannah didn't move much, just casually looked around like, "yes? someone petting me?" by which time G was hightailing it back up my arm. Was really funny.

Tube's Out!

I'll have some pictures later, but the tube is out (has been for most of the week - I'm late in updating). Savannah is eating fine on her own and has discovered that it's fun to play now that she's free of all that stuff. Which is not to say that she didn't like playing before, but she's gotten really playful in the past few days.

Monday, January 09, 2006

"It's a Brand New Caaaar!"

So, guess what I did?

Car had been diagnosed with fatal engine disease. He needed a new motor, which at $1500-$2000 was far more than Car was worth. Given that I drive 20 miles to the Metro every day to get to work (on I-95, no less) we needed something a bit more reliable.

So we started shopping. We weren't going to buy anything yet, just get a feel for what was out there that I could fit into (I'm 6'6", have I mentioned?) - I was interested in both the Nissan Xterra and the Jeep Liberty, neither of which (as it turns out) I can fit into well.

Long story short, we tried a few dealers and then went to Carmax in Laurel to try a number of different cars. Turns out this Carmax is the largest one in the nation, so we tried quite a few cars. This one was a 2005 Chevrolet Equinox that's still under manufacturer's warranty and has low mileage, and we got it at a decent price.

My first-ever new car! Even if it is used, it's the first time I've bought a car that was within five years of release.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Savannah No-Bolts

If this cat had a Native American Indian name, it would now be Savannah No-Bolts. Check out this metal-free face!

She loves having her chin scratched. (that's my hand, by the way)

You can see that the tube is still in. It won't come out until she's eating on her own; hopefully soon!

Look ma, no bolts! Just a big raw red place that itches like crazy... the other side of her face doesn't look as bad, presumably because it doesn't itch as much. You can barely see where the lower bolt went in

She's a shoulder cat - just loves being up there. (She fits better on mine, of course)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

No More Frankenkitty

The bolts came out today! We haven't seen her yet but the vet reports that she seems to be doing well. More after we get her.

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