Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cat Yawn

One of my wife's favorite pictures of the cat.


If you haven't seen this elsewhere:
Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt turns the tables on the paparazzi and boy, do they not like it. (Some harsh language, so don't watch at work)

Friday, March 24, 2006


Savannah went to see the vet yesterday for a checkup. She's doing very well: her weight is good (although she's a small cat, not quite 7 pounds), and mostly she's as good as can be expected. She has a partially detached retina in one eye, but we knew that. She's also going to require one or two more surgeries - one to remove some troublesome teeth, and one to get the very last of her wires out - but we knew about those as well.

I'll have some pics of her to post when I get home tonight, too, since that's what you all come here for. ;)

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I am now plague-free, after more than two weeks of illness. Heather is sick, of course.

While I had the grippe, a job opportunity came up at my place of employment. Great opportunity, with a big pay increase and a more interesting set of responsibilities. So I applied - as did roughly 60+ other people. Interviews would be held the same week, apparently there was some urgency to getting the eight available positions filled quickly.

Went to the interview, which was scheduled on casual Friday, in a suit and tie. Think that may have helped, although the interview itself was a breeze. Seven or eight questions about a bunch of internal program applications that I use all the time. I was confident before the interview; afterwards, I was even more so. Even though I was sick, I knew I could get the job.

They called me two hours later and let me know I'd gotten one of the positions. Woo! Bunch of my friends didn't get it - not woo. Sorry guys. :(

I'm in training this week and next for the new job. So far it's mostly been review for me, but they're getting everyone to the same baseline knowledge, so that's okay.

This weekend we're going to visit Becky and Jeff, for the second time since they moved last June. Becky is Heather's cousin, for those who don't know us, and they lived about 15 minutes away from us for the first few years we lived in Maryland. We were very close to the two of them, and we did just about everything together. It'll be good to see them. The cat is going along, of course, and they're looking forward to meeting her. ;) Pictures will no doubt be posted when we return.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Feeling better

While I get better, a cute picture of the cat.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006



Very sick. Can't get rid of the sore-throat-aches-and-pains-congestion sick.

Hate the sick. No new updates for a while. Sorry.

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